Choosing The Right Snowshoe Depends On You, And Where You Go.

Picking out just the right snowshoe for you is easier than you might think.

There are two important factors in your choice. The first is you, what you like to do.
And the second is where you like to go.

What Kind Of Snowshoeing Will You Like To Do?

Basically, what we are talking about here is Flotation, Articulation, Control and Traction.

Flotation: If you like to go in deep powder, you will need a snowshoe with a little wider deck, and most likely a rounded tail. The size of your snowshoe, measured in it's length in inches, is going to be very important in terms of how much the snowshoe "floats" in the snow, and is determined by how much you weigh, including your clothing and gear. If, however, you like to hike on packed snow or groomed trails, flotation becomes a little less important, and you could consider a V-Tail snowshoe.

Articulation: Articulation is all about how much your foot moves in relation to the frame of the snowshoe. If you are hiking on a packed trail, this is not of much concern. However, if you are traversing uneven terrain, the articulation of your foot will have an impact on your overall traction, balance and comfort.

Control: This refers to the binding of the snowshoe, or what is holding your foot on the snowshoe. For back country kinds of activities, a firmer binding with more support will be important. But for mild terrain or packed trails, you may prefer a lighter binding.

Traction: Traction refers to the crampons and talons of your snowshoe. If you will be walking uneven terrain, deeper snow, or ice-crusted snow, consider an aggressive crampon system. However, if you will be sticking mostly to even, packed trails, a lighter, less aggressive crampon system might be just right for you.

Where Do You Like To Go?

Some folks are pretty hard core about their snowshoes. These might be mountain-rescue teams, competition runners, or backcountry outdoorsman, for example. Others want to snowshoe for the fitness of it all, and snowshoeing's health benefits. Still others just want to take a winter walk together and enjoy nature. At Redfeather, we've got a snowshoe for each one of these varied interests and snowshoe categories:

Categories of Snowshoes:

Youth Snowshoes: Just for the fun of it! Get the kids outside and enjoying winter, and everything the season offers!

Hiking Snowshoes: Typically excellent snowshoes for trailwalking, or going off trail in deeper snow. Sometimes called "recreational" snowshoes.

Fitness Snowshoes: Snowshoes built for speed and mobility, typically a V-Tail design, and used on trails or packed snow.

Outdoorsman Snowshoes: These snowshoes are used by people who spend a good deal of time outdoors, and can include search and rescue teams, utility workers, park service employees, hunters and trappers, or wildlife photographers, to name a few.

BackCountry Snowshoes: This is an aggressive category of snowshoe built for deeper snow and powder conditions, providing superior flotation. This is a great category of snowshoe for people who enjoy winter camping, or getting "out there".





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