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Redfeather Snowshoes

Women's Hike™

Women's Hike™

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One of Redfeather’s most popular snowshoes and built specifically for a woman’s stride, the Hike™ for Women features a narrowed Western Roundtail for superior flotation and a Live Action Hinge for added mobility and speed. The SV2 Binding System has a rugged design with a one-pull strap for quick-adjustments, which ensures a secure fit and superior lateral support. The Aluminum front and rear crampons give stability while the vinyl shields help to shed snow and ice. The powder coated 6000 series aircraft aluminum frame provides strength and endurance. The Women's Hike Redfeather Recreational Snowshoe comes is three different sizes that accommodates for weight, height and the depth of snow. 

Hike Snowshoe details:
Recreational Series

SV2 Binding

Rip Stop Vinyl material is resistant to punctures and abrasions

Live Action hinge that lifts the tail of the shoe from the snow for added mobility and speed

Aluminum Front and Rear Crampon for excellent stability

6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum

Optional Equipment
Carrying Bag & Poles

Snowshoe Size Guide

Snowshoe Size Guide


  LENGTH:       WIDTH:     PAIR WEIGHT (lbs):

       22"                7.5"                  3.1

       25"                7.5"                  3.2

       30"                  8"                   3.7

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