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Redfeather Snowshoes



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The Elf snowshoe is designed for the 5 to 9 year old and looks “just like Mom and Dad’s snowshoes.” In fact, the Elf snowshoe has many of the features built in to our adult snowshoes. This 17” western roundtail design provides great stability on the snow, while the Live Action Hinge provides all the agility and mobility any kid could hope for.

The Youth Binding is a flexible and secure binding which features lateral support, quick adjusting, mid section and heel straps. Our Aluminum front and rear crampons have superior bite for traction and stability. The Rip Stop Vinyl decking provides superior puncture and abrasion resistance that stays soft in sub-zero temperatures.

Elf Youth Snowshoe details:

Youth Binding is flexible secure and features lateral support, quick adjusting toe, mid section and heel straps

Rip Stop Vinyl material that is resistant to punctures and abrasions

Live Action Hinge lifts the tail of the shoe from the snow with every step

Aluminum front and rear crampon for excellent stability

6000 Series Aircraft Aluminum

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Size Guide

Snowshoe Size Guide


 LENGTH:       WIDTH:       PAIR WEIGHT (lbs):

     17"                   8"                      2.2


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