How can I replace a binding? 

Bindings can be found here: Accessories – Redfeather Outdoors

Step by step binding replacement here: Redfeather Outdoors Snowshoe Binding Replacement Tutorial - YouTube


What kinds of boots work with our snowshoes?

 Any style of boot or shoe is compatible with all models of our snowshoes.


Which bindings work with which snowshoes?

 Any of our bindings can be found under the ‘snowshoes > accessories’ tab and are compatible with all snowshoe models.


What is the difference between V-Tail and Round Tail snowshoes?

 A V-Tail allows for a more natural walking motion due to its shape while a Round Tail gives the snowshoer more flotation.


What is the difference between men’s and women’s snowshoes?

 Our women’s style snowshoes are slightly narrower than the other models to account for a narrower walking gate.


What is our warranty policy?

 Redfeather offers a limited 1-year warranty that covers any product defects, regular wear and tear is not applicable to this warranty. See more here.


What bindings allow for easiest on and off?

 Our Epic bindings have been regarded as the easiest to put on and take off, but it is also a matter of preference for each snowshoer.


How do I use/change length on the Trekking Poles?

 Video link: Redfeather Outdoors Trekking Pole Overview - YouTube


How can I talk to someone?

 Call our toll-free phone: 800-525-0081

7:30 – 4:00 Monday - Friday