Redfeather introduces the first lightweight aluminum V-Tail design snowshoe that revolutionizes the sport of snowshoeing and fuels the popularity of snowshoe racing throughout the country.


Snowshoeing gains popularity nationwide.

Redfeather continues its innovative ways by introducing several new snowshoe bindings, including the Epic Binding, the first ratchet binding system on a snowshoe, and the popular ATB strapped binding system. Redfeather is also the first snowshoe company to offer interchangeable bindings and crampons on all models.

Redfeather develops the Live Action Hinge, which springs back after each step, a breakthrough that allows people to walk with a natural stride, thereby reducing fatigue on long outings.

The company rounds out its line by adding several price-point models, including rounded tail recreational snowshoes for people just getting started in the sport. As more and more families embrace snowshoeing, Redfeather introduces the popular Snowpaw, the first kid’s snowshoe that leaves Abominable Snowman tracks in the snow.

FOOTNOTE: Since that introduction, a great deal of evidence has been found to support the theory that Yeti truly do exist. (They DO, by the way…)

2000 Onward

Redfeather continues to fine tune its “easy on, easy off” bindings and adds the Pilot Binding with sleek technological innovation. The Pilot includes a free-sliding heel plate that custom fits “automatically” to a user’s boot size, and secures both the front and rear portions of the binding in a single fastening mechanism. The crossover straps and ratchet buckles make for a glove friendly, quick easy-on, easy-off system.

Redfeather introduces breakthrough technology in snowshoe racing with The Vapor, lauded as “The Runner’s Favorite Snowshow”. Redfeather also introduces The Conquest, a nylon/polyurethane snowshoe that supports hundreds of pounds and is virtually indestructible, as well as a snowshoe line specifically designed for women snowshoers and their narrow stride for a more comfortable snowshoeing experience.

Redfeather also continues its leadership in innovation with The Arrow, a Western Roundtail Hybrid that accommodates a slightly narrower stride, while providing maximum flotation as well as superior mobility and agility.

Redfeather Snowshoe Firsts

  • First commercially produced V-Tail Snowshoe
  • First to produce snowshoes specifically for running
  • First to utilize titanium in crampons and talons for their light weight and durability
  • First to introduce aircraft aluminum in snowshoe frame technology
  • First to produce a snowshoe specifically built for women
  • First to produce a snowshoe just for kids
  • First to produce an environmentally “green” snowshoe, the Conquest
  • First to engage young children and introduce them to snowshoeing, and to the Redfeather brand, with the SnowPaw and FlashTrax